About the Constitution Project

The Constitution Project is administered by the Monterey County Office of Education and sponsored by the Dan and Lillian King Foundation. The goals are to support educational programs and activities related to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, with emphasis on the principles of freedom, liberty and justice. The project began with the incorporation of the Dan and Lillian King Foundation in 2011 and has since expanded to reach more students. The grant supports the eighth grade Constitution Project, professional learning opportunities for teachers, Constitution Day and Law Day, civic learning opportunities, and civic innovation grants for Monterey County schools and students.

Project activities are aligned to the History-Social Science Framework for California K-12 Public Schools, which addresses the History-Social Science Content Standards, Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy in History–Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects, the California English Language Development Standards, the English Language Arts/English Language Development Framework (ELA/ELD Framework), and the College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework for Social Studies State Standards.


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What students are saying:

"I am so thankful for this once in a lifetime experience."

"It really captivated me.  It was more than I expected and I had to convince myself that I was really there."

"It was so good I thought I was watching a video."

"I saw things I have never seen."


Another student said they would tell the King Foundation, "I LOVE YOU!  THANK YOU SO MUCH"

The Monterey County Board of Education adopted the Support for Civic Learning: College, Career, and Civic Life Resolution on December 14, 2016 and encourages resources dedicated to civic learning opportunities with goals to achieve equity, diversity, and inclusion; to demonstrate and promote active citizenship, and to teach students civic skills needed for the 21st century workplace. On May 12, 2021 the Monterey County Board of Education adopted the State Seal of Civic Engagement Resolution. Learn more at: http://www.montereycoe.org/programs-services/ed-services/constitution-civics.

California State Seal of Civic Engagement